low vs diamonds band

Lucas Field

He was the front man and vocalist of the band. He decided to go solo in the hopes that he could write his own songs. He released his first solo album “Conquest of Happiness“. He adapted the 70’s soul and R&B in writing the song which makes it unique and a breath of fresh air on our play lists.

Howie Diamond

Howie likes to travel and meet people. The influences of his music are Talking Heads, The Cure, and David Byrne. His advice to young musicians is live simply. He said that today is the hardest age where you can earn a living through music. But if your music really matters and you believe in it, then go ahead and pursue it till the end of the world. Live simply and cut down on your expenses so you can continue writing.

Tad Moore

He explained how the band started. He said that they were just jamming and got really into Indie Rock music. Tad also clarified that he is not intimidated with the killers. He said that both bands do great job and produce different type of music but he gives the final say to the fans. Tad said that their inspirations come from realities of people around them. Their songs were inspired by true events.

Anthony Polcino

Jon Pancoast started playing instruments since childhood. He’s been participating to some music bands until Low vs Diamonds asked him to become a member. His chemistry with the band is good. He contributed to the bands songs and their melodies. He likes rock and Indie music.
Anthony is now disbanded with LVD. He became a solo artist in 2010. He really loves Los Angeles City because of the environment that surrounds him. He said that LA is a plethora of musicians. He recently released his first album soft pipes inspired by Kurt VonnegutsCat’s Cradle“.