Fans Continuous Support

There are many reasons to love this band. For fans like us, we feel like they deserve more credit for the music they made. Low vs Diamond has already disbanded, this broke our hearts because they are good together. But we continue support them even some of their members already went solo.

Why We Love Low vs Diamond

We were attending a music festival and they are one of the performers. They played their song well and their stage presence was so great. We heard that they played all over Los Angeles clubs before they were recognized. It could be those gigs that enabled them to practice and know each members really well. There was no misses in their rhythm. They played well and that got us so hooked.

They are Not Flashy But All About Music

Unlike with other bands, they tend to attract fans with their gimmicks. But this band is different. They wear casual jeans and T-shirts, that’s it. Low vs Diamond created all the buzz by making great music and that’s the reason why music lovers like us fell in love so quickly.

Stage Presence

We would say that this band know how to energize their audience. They know how to make the crowd get going. Each members played their own part in making sure that their viewers are engaged. It is so amazing how the pulled off live performances as if we were on a recording studio. The sound was great and the combination of the instruments were perfectly balanced.

Our Favorite Songs

All of their songs are great but off course there were few that stand out among the rest. We particularly loveĀ Heart Attack, Songs We Sang, Moonage Daydream, Killer B, Save Yourself, and Actions are actions.