The Best Pool Party Songs Ever


About to host a pool party for adults or kids? Then play these songs that will make your pool party a dance party too!

Party Rock Anthem

This song by LMFAO is the definition of a party song. You and your kids will want to “shake it” while listening to this anthem. It’s best for a dance-off where children can just perform freestyle moves. The song is so catchy and ideal for every pool party.


Pharrell William’s song became a hit because it’s a cheerful song that will make everyone dance even if they claim they don’t dance. The song, which was one of the soundtracks of the movie Despicable Me 2, offers a positive vibe. Combine it with the entertainment that a swimming pool brings, and you’ll have one hell of a pool party right in your backyard!


Performed by Sheppard, the melody of this song will surely make you say “Geronimo!” while dancing to the beat of its drums. No pool party playlist would be complete without this song.

Counting Stars

One Republic will definitely make your kids count stars in broad daylight! Well, at least not literally. This song is tuneful even for youngsters, making it an excellent song for pool parties. That is, if you want the party to be a blast!

Can’t Stop the Feeling


Let Justin Timberlake make the party magical with his singable hit song that became popular thanks to the movie “Trolls.” Kids probably already know and even memorize the lyrics of this song already, making it one of the best pool party songs you can play.

Uptown Funk

Every pool party needs a Bruno Mars song. This song by Mark Ronson features the multi-Grammy awardee Bruno Mars and will make swimmers hit their “Hallelujah” happily.

Rather Be

Dance to the rhythm of Clean Bandit’s song featuring Jess Glynne. This song will make you stake out on a mission to find your inner peace while performing your favorite jolly dance steps.

All About That Bass

Be like Meghan Trainor who doesn’t worry about her size. This song isn’t just about self-acceptance but also has an excellent tune that will make you dance in a relaxed way.

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Now, these eight songs may be perfect for pool parties, but let’s be honest. After the pool party, the pool cleaning comes in. Why don’t you make that a fun activity with music too?

These are the best songs to play while you’re cleaning your pool:

Walking on Sunshine

Performed by Katrina & the Waves, this is obviously perfect for pool cleaning not just because of the name of the band. It may be old, but it will cause you to go all goofy and your feet to get loose. Walk on sunshine (around your pool) while you collect debris with your basket skimmer!

Best Day of My Life

Performed by American Authors, the song will make pool cleaning bearable. Just because it’s pool cleaning day doesn’t mean you have to whine and be miserable, right?


Santana never disappoints. Pair him up with Rob Thomas, and you’ll have smooth sailing (pun intended) pool cleaning activity that’ll you’ll surely enjoy.

Ain’t It Fun

Dance to Paramore’s famous song about the real world. After all, pool cleaning is the reality that comes right after a fantastic pool party. Your kids enjoyed, now you shall clean. Make it fun with an upbeat song to keep you productive.

Best Songs to Listen to While Woodworking

Best Songs to Listen to While Woodworking

Music and Woodworking

Science says listening to music can make one feel a lot better. Several studies have proven that those who listen to music while working can finish their jobs faster and could come up with far better ideas than those who didn’t incorporate music into their work. That’s because music can elevate the mood, and optimism can improve decision-making skills.

The speed of music, a.k.a. tempo, also affects the brain. A group of Canadian researchers even discovered that upbeat tempo can affect the performance of subjects on IQ tests. And since woodworking requires a more up-tempo kind of music, it’s only reasonable to check out songs that are upbeat and at the same time about woodworking.

Whether you’re using a circular saw, a handsaw, or a miter saw, listening to these songs will surely make you enjoy your woodworking task.

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Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks

John Glazer has graced us with his songwriting talent that makes working fun and productive. This song has a deep meaning, but it speaks about the work of fifty thousand men and how their jobs are more difficult than what others think. It’s also about the unity of the workers. It has a country, jolly tune, which is ironic since the message is a bit serious.

The Lumbermen’s Alphabet

Performed by Chanté Par Charles Jordan, this song is fun to listen to. As a woodworker, you’ll totally be able to relate to the lyrics of this song.

IWA Marching Song

Let John Glazer make your woodworking tasks a lot more entertaining with his voice and upbeat marching song. It’s the song to listen to when you’re feeling lazy to work.

Solidarity Forever

Written by Ralph Chaplin, this song contains one of the most famous tunes in the music industry. It’s a catchy song which will make you love your workmates and your job even more.

The Shanty Man’s Life

Written by Mark Lenagan, this is a downbeat tempo song for the woodworker who likes a bit of drama. It’s for those woodworking men who want to hear soothing music while working on something that doesn’t require much effort. I’d say you can listen to this while sanding. Kind of emotional, really, but the song speaks a lot.

What A Song Must Have


A song must not only have a rhythm and a beat. A song must also not only have harmony. A song must even not only have lyrics.

You see, there’s more to a song than what it seems to be.

Even more so, here’s a few on what a song must have:

A song must have a message, elaborated by your reason of doing so.

Think of it as writing a love letter to someone you like for 10 years now. What do you want to say to that person? What do you like about that person? Why do you like that person? A song must not only be able to convey the message you’re trying to tell someone you like, but also the reason why you’re conveying the message you’re trying to tell someone you like.

A song must have a feeling, elaborated by your inspiration of doing so.

Think of it as telling a love story to someone you like for 10 years now. How do you want that someone to feel after hearing that story? How do you feel while telling that story? Why are you telling that story? A song must not only be able to make someone feel something, but also the inspiration why you’re telling that story.

Indeed, there’s more to a song than what it seems to be. Also indeed, a song must have a message – a message that is elaborated by your reason of doing it. Even indeed, a song must have a feeling – a feeling that is elaborated by your inspiration of doing it.

How about you?

What do you think a song must have? Share them with us below!

Or better yet, why don’t you tell us about your favorite song? Even more so, why don’t you tell us about the meaning of your favorite song?

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