LVD Songs and Meanings

composing songs

composing songs

Low vs Diamond write their song inspired by true events. Their songs hold deep meanings about relationship, friendship, sadness, and anger.

Killer B

The song is about rivalry. He said, “You sold your petty dreams for a chance of what you couldn’t help but take away from me.” It could be pertaining to Lo (ex-member) who became their greatest rival during their start up years.

Heart Attack

The song is about breaking up with a girl he love so much because she let the opinions of the people about their relationship win. The pretty people mentioned in the song refers to influences that are killing their love for each other. The story ended with a goodbye.

Actions are Actions

It’s about growing up with a very close friend or sibling. They have many things in common and enjoyed each other’s company so much. But when they aged and became men, their friendship goes down the drain. Because the friend or the sibling is doing destructive actions that are both hurting himself and their friendship.

Don’t Forget Sister

A story of a young boy who was highly influenced by his friends. There was so much peer pressure that he was doing things that are way out of line. His sister came to save him, but he turned his back on her. The song wants to remind the boy that friends will come and go but a sister will always care.

Song We Sang Away

The song is quite vague but if we look at it closely, it’s about a dying friend. When he found out that his friend’s life is coming to an end, he was devastated. He compared his friend’s life to songs that they sang away and soon forgotten.


Annie had a rough childhood. And he is there beside her to make things better for her. The song says, “You can lean on me darling until you’re tired”. He wants to make her feel secured and finally, have someone who will never leave her.

Cinema Tonight

The songs tells us about how a guy see his girlfriend as the star just like in cinemas. She is all the reason for everything. And the guy tells how happy he is for having her just like in cinema.


It’s a song about love burn out. He said in the song, “the more that we try, it always just ends in goodbye”. The couple fought hard and too long, now they are exhausted.

Stay Awake

It’s a song about fear. The boy was afraid of what tomorrow might hold. So he wants to stay awake to savor the moments of the night.

Life After Love

The story was about a young man who is in love with a girl. However, he was an introvert and can’t show his true feelings. So to express his love, he wrote a song hoping that the girl will find out his love for her.